Lucky Lion – Healthy Eating Made Easy

Lucky Lion on 148th & Powell is the ultimate destination for healthy eating in Portland. Offering fresh, organic ingredients, they make every meal delicious and nutritious. With their broad selection of wholesome foods, Lucky Lion is the place to go when you want to make smart health decisions for you and your family.

The experienced team at Lucky Lion sources their ingredients from local farms whenever possible, so you’re sure to get the very best produce around. They also carry a wide range of organic dairy, fish, and meats, which are all raised in sustainable and humane ways.

One of the best things about Lucky Lion is their diverse menu. They’ve got a variety of options, from vegan and vegetarian dishes to hearty meals for meat-lovers. Whether you’re looking for light salads, sandwiches, burgers, or hearty pastas, Lucky Lion has something for everyone.

If you’re trying to make healthy choices at home, Lucky Lion also offers tailored meal plans. Their plans provide the perfect balance of proteins, grains, and vegetables to fuel your body and keep it running smoothly. Plus, they’ll even deliver the food directly to your door so you don’t have to worry about going out shopping.

At Lucky Lion, eating healthy is easy and delicious. Stop by their location on 148th & Powell for meals that are as nutritious as they are flavorful.

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